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1 VIAL 10ML BY VALKYRIE PHARMACEUTICAL DOSAGE : 100mg/ml Drostanolone Propionate

About Masteron P 100 (Drostanolone Propionate)

One of the most effective products available for achieving the hard, dense, muscular appearance you’ve been seeking for years; you’d be hard pressed to find a better cutting steroid to really bring out the hard- earned detail in the muscles and dry them out for a rock like appearance. Coming in both masteron propionate or enanthate form; which one you choose will depend entirely on our cycle length. Typically, propionate will be used by those who undergo a cycle lasting less than 8 weeks; enanthate is for those planning on sustained use for a period longer than two months. Be aware too that masteron 100 is the “product” name for dromostanolone (and drostanolone propionate). Should you see any of these names, you are purchasing masteron and vice versa.

At 120kg we’ll only provide you with a wide array of the best options available on the market, and this product is no different.  A man made derivative of DHT, it has been reported to have between 3-5 times the effect of testosterone. Perfectly formulated to give an edge to those who are already fairly lean but need an extra push in the right direction; drostanolone propionate will help to create the perfectly carved aesthetic most gym goers drool over.

Where Can You Buy Masteron 100mg Vials?

Dronastolone 100mg vials are available from 120kg and will be shipped responsibly. We always ensure your items are fully tracked and packaged with complete discretion; we provide the best shipping methods on the market. As with all the products we list, this is entirely legal therefore you can buy in confidence as thousands of others already have; don’t go with a name you can’t trust. Your total satisfaction will always be our number one priority, which is one of the many reasons our customers say we’re the best place to get drostanolone propionate. Another reason we’re the best choice is our unbeatable value; you can secure your products from only 50 euros per vial making us the most cost effective choice you’ll find anywhere.

Effects or What Does Masteron Propionate Do?

The effects of masteron propionate are achieved by its ability to bind to androgen receptors 3-5 times more effectively than testosterone; this actually far surpasses the calculations first written down during initial testing phases and makes it one of the best mild steroids available. Though weight and power gains are only moderate, propionates ability to bind to androgen receptors so effectively means very noticeable increases in muscular hardness and density will likely be observed. This is a great choice for anybody currently going through a cutting phase.

As we will discuss shortly, masteron can also be used in conjunction with other anabolic steroids in smaller doses whilst bulking, due to it helping to mitigate estrogenic side effect risk. Due to its mild nature and the fact that it does not convert into estrogen, there are no estrogenic side effects making it a highly desirable option amongst the mild steroid category; provided you use it according to your body weight and safe consumption guidelines, you can be assured that there is very little risk of adverse effects on the body.

Masteron Propionate vs Testosterone Propionate

Though some choose to use both; there is a fairly common agreement that masteron propionate is a good choice whilst cutting, and test prop is a great go- to choice for bulking or even maintaining. Testosterone propionate can lead to large surges in strength and size; this is why it’s become a popular choice for those looking to make advancements in their muscularity, where the main aim is to increase as opposed to maintaining or reducing. As it is an estrogenic steroid, potential side effects do include high blood pressure, gynecomastia and water retention, amongst others. These are elements that masteron users do not have to worry about due to it being non- estrogenic.

Whilst masteron is not typically associated with enhanced size or strength output, it is a great choice for detailing the muscles and as such is preferable whilst cutting. Due to its mild nature, it is also a very low- risk steroid, making it very appealing to recreational and less seasoned users.

Masteron has a great track record with those wanting to develop a harder appearance during the latter stages of a cut or weight loss; it should be noted that it may not be a particularly effective product unless body fat levels are already low, as it is not highly potent in nature. What it does very well is further develop a body with low levels of body fat by giving the muscles a hard and “stone” like appearance. This appearance is incredibly difficult to achieve without the use of a compound like this which is why not all of those on a cut look equal! The art is really in the compound or combination of compounds being used.

If you want to ensure you get the highest quality masteron p 100 for the best value you should head to for this and any other bulking or cutting needs you may have.

Masteron Cycle Length

Cycle length tends to last between 4-8 weeks and works at its best when administered every other day; this is also potentially the safest way to administer it. Your cycle length will depend entirely on your level of experience and tolerance for anabolic substances; if you’re an inexperienced user, sticking with the minimum cycle length is the only sensible option. No matter how mild a compound is, if you haven’t use a steroid of this type before (or used them at all), then you should always play on the safe side and stick stringently to a tried and tested beginners cycle duration.

Once your cycle has finished, it’s incredibly important that you implement the correct post- cycle treatment and take care of your liver; you’ll find excellent guidelines and advice online in regards to which products to buy for this and the confidential online service at It is hands down one of the best places to go for genuine, safe advice by individuals who have first hand experience.

Dosage ranges between 200 – 400mg per week; as with cycle length, always stick with the minimum end dosage of any steroid when first using it. Higher end dosages are for experienced users who have existing experience with the compound; going above the minimum level and not safely implementing higher doses in small stages could lead to very adverse side effects.

How Does Testosterone Propionate Stack with Masteron?

Testosterone propionate and drostanolone propionate can actually be used together; many individuals have successfully helped to alleviate the estrogenic properties of testosterone propionate by effectively stacking the two compounds together.

Some other benefits of combining these products include the potential ability to continue gaining muscle whilst attempting to reduce body fat and reveal a harder appearance. It’s also possible that the testosterone element will help to secure strength gains made during bulking season whilst cutting down or operating at a lower body fat level; at the very least, the testosterone inclusion should preserve strength and size in a more intact manner than simply using masteron alone.

In a sense, this stack provides the best of both worlds; masteron could even be included in small dosages whilst bulking to help reduce the risk of estrogenic side effects taking place and potentially also have a positive effect on the level of body fat gained throughout the bulking period.

Drostanolone Propionate Detection Time

After finishing an 8-week cycle, this product can be detected within the body for 6-8 weeks; keep this in mind should you be expecting to take part in any tested sports or competitions. Bear in mind though that all estimates are just that; estimates. Whenever possible you should always try to perform a test in your own time before being put on the “chopping block” as the results could significantly alter your participation in a chosen sport or competitive federation.

Provided you have managed to get tested, and the results come back negative prior to your “official” test, you should really have nothing to worry about. Don’t ignore this vital step, and where possible, compare the detection times of others with a similar body weight and experience level to yours for reassurance.

It would also be wise to consult with a GP post cycle to ensure that all of your vital signs are showing a fully functional body operating at full capacity; contrary to the perception of some, GP’s will be happy to check you over and will (or should!) maintain a neutral stance on your activity.

Only Purchase The Best

As we said earlier, never take any risks when it comes to acquiring your steroids from a source you can actually trust. When you shop at you can rest assured that you’re getting the best quality examples of each item for sale anywhere on the internet. The reason we outperform our competitors on every front is because we ensure your total satisfaction from product selection to delivery; there’s simply no need to shop anywhere else! Buy masteron 100 from us now in the total confidence that you’re getting 100% of the product you’re looking for with zero risk, at a fair price.

Pacote 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Produtor Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substância Drostanolone Propionate 100 mg/ml
Nome genérico Masteron Propionate

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